Vendor Email Compromise

Vendor email compromise attacks are well researched and highly targeted.
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What Is Vendor Email Compromise?

Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) is a type of cybercrime based on email fraud. A bad actor hacks into a vendor email account, impersonating the real account owner. The attacker then manipulates the company, its stakeholders, and its customers into sending them money or sensitive data.
VEC attacks can be devastating; they cause reputational and financial damage, as well as introduce security and compliance risks associated with data loss. A single breach can affect every company in a supply chain, from enterprise service providers right down to the small businesses that rely on them.

As global business partnerships become increasingly complex, these attacks are becoming one of the most sophisticated, successful types of cybercrime that business are currently facing.

How Constant Edge Stops Vendor Email Compromise

Example Warning Banners On Suspicious Emails
We help organizations configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to mitigate malicious actors spoofing communications.
Many organizations have poorly configured records that opened their domain up to spoofing. This means if a malicious actor spoofs their domain and communicates directly with a 3rd party, they are unlikely to be aware that this is happening.

Our solutions protect against VEC by allowing you to enforce hard checks on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, making it harder for spoofed messages purporting to be vendors from reaching your users in the first place.

We also provide impersonation protection banners which protect the relationship between “trusted” contacts/partner organizations and your employees, also allowing users to report suspicious messages for faster remediation.

Constant Edge VEC Protection Features

Powerful Email Security
Powerful inbound scanning prevents, spam, malware, and malicious phishing emails entering your email network, including ransomware.
Configuration and Setup
We’ll ensure your email security network is configured correctly to prevent cybercriminals from spoofing company domains.
Enforce DMARC Checks
Enforce hard checks on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, preventing spoofed messages from reaching your users.
Impersonation Protection
Admins get instant visibility into impersonation attempts, and can identify harmful emails, even after delivery.
Warning Banners
Warning banners are placed on suspected impersonation attempts, helping users to identify emails which may be from malicious senders.
Comprehensive Policies and Reports
Granular policies around quarantining, allow and deny lists, and end-user controls. Advanced analytics into email threats.
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Mike Waskosky
Road Machinery & Supplies Co.
“I used to get five calls a week from our users saying: “I clicked on a link in a phishing email and gave them my password!" Now we have Constant Edge in place, we haven't had a single one of those emails."

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