Microsoft 365 Secure Backup

Protect your business data with enterprise-grade automated Microsoft Office 365 backup for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Groups, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Who Are CloudAlly?

Founded in 2011 as one of the world’s first cloud-to-cloud backup services for Google Apps and Salesforce, CloudAlly led the industry and pioneered the first commercially available Microsoft Office 365 cloud backup in 2014.

CloudAlly became a part of the OpenText family in 2021. Thereby expanding their cloud capabilities while providing the same leading backup and recovery. OpenText operate leading technology brands including Zix, Carbonite, and Webroot.

ConstantEdge has partnered with CloudAlly to deliver leading cloud-backup.

CloudAlly guarantees enterprise-ready
Microsoft 365 data protection.

End-To-End Automated Backup

Back up of all your M365 data (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks), SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Office Groups, and Teams. Metadata included.

Anytime/Anywhere Data Restore

Restore from any point-in-time, granular level, or across users to any storage (Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). Plus unlimited data retention.

Secure and Certified

Secured with Microsoft-mandated OAuth and MFA/2FA support. ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Global data centers of your choice. Secure Amazon AWS S3 Encryption.

Intelligent Workforce Management

Simplified On-Boarding And Off-Boarding

Simplified employee on-boarding and off-boarding with bulk activation and automated addition/deletion of users.

Persistent backup from day one of onboarding

Seamless data transfer between exiting & new employees

Multiple admins supported

Flexible Recovery Options

Flexible Microsoft Office 365 Recovery

Flexible Microsoft Office 365 recovery ptions to any storage with unlimited retention.

Quickly recover data without overwriting existing information using point-in-time, non-destructive restore

Visual historical snapshots, and advanced search and filter options

Unlimited retention

Always Available Backup

Secure And Always Available Backups

Your Microsoft Office 365 backup is fully protected with AES-256 data encryption at rest.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Choice of global data centres in North America, Europe, UK, & AUS

GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 compliant

2FA, OAuth, and Okta support

Why CloudAlly?

CloudAlly MS 365 backup comes with seamless integration for all Microsoft Office 365 plans.

Why CloudAlly

Seamless Integrations And UI

CloudAlly’s user interface is intuitive, allowing for quick and easy OOTB usage with two-click recovery. And for Microsoft Office 365 administrators, CloudAlly offer advanced user management, transparent status monitoring, email alerts, and activity logs.

Why CloudAlly

High ROI With Unbeatable Pricing

ConstantEdge offers enterprise-friendly custom discounts for CloudAlly, including bundled, high-volume, and multi-year packages. Our backup of inactive Microsoft 365 account data, helps you save on Microsoft 365 license costs. Additionally, to further save on backup licenses, you can zip and export archived data for local access directly to your own S3, Azure, Box, or Dropbox storage.

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Key Features

CloudAlly MS 365 backup comes with seamless integration for all Microsoft Office 365 plans.

Seamless M365 Backup

Automated Backup of all or selected users with new users/sites auto-detected. Metadata backup. Single repository Exchange backup.

M365 Compatible
OAUTH /MFA Support

OOTB integration with all Office 365 Exchange Plans. Secure Authentication with OAuth and MFA support.

Multiple Archive Locations

Your choice of data centers - US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

Automated Or On-Demand Backup

Daily Automated M365 backup or user specified on request.

Admin-Friendly Controls & Alerts

Daily M365 backup summary email, exception-only alerts, transparent monitoring, and audit logging.

Archive Retention

Unlimited Data retention. No stress about M365 retention policies. Immutable Storage - Object- Lock minimize the accidental or malicious loss of data.

Flexible Data Recovery

Granular restore with advanced search, point-in-time restore with historical snapshot, cross-user restore, non-destructive restore, recover entire mailboxes.

MS Teams Support

Back up of all your M365 data (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks), SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Office Groups & Teams. Metadata included.

Data Export

Zip download containing industry standard EML, VCF and ICS formats, or Outlook compatible PST format.

CloudAlly's Awards

Awards & Recognition


10,000 IT Pro’s rank CloudAlly’s backup & restore solution as No.1


ThinkMobile selects CloudAlly as No.1 vendor for Cloud Backup.

Gartner Markets

Rated 4.6/5 in 2023 by customers of Microsoft 365 Backup.

Flexible Recovery Options

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CloudAlly’s proven Microsoft M365 backup and recovery solutions are not only proven and reliable, but easy to setup and a breeze to use. Start a free trial to experience everything that it offers Microsoft Office 365 backup - the secure recovery capabilities that are seamless and fast.


The following are frequently asked questions about M365 backup, M365 data retention policies and data recovery options within Microsoft Office 365.

Does Microsoft 365 Back Up Your Data?

Office 365 backs up data on a regular basis as part of a commitment to data protection activities that generally support disaster recovery situations and keep your data accessible in accordance to their uptime SLA (99.9%). However, your organization remains ultimately responsible for your data protection as these backups are not available to administrators or end users and are not intended for aiding in the quick and easy restoration of lost data. While it is possible to recover lost data via Office 365’s backups, the process will often prove tedious, costly, and detrimental to business continuity.

What Is The Retention Policy In Office 365?

The different applications in the Microsoft 365 suite have different data retention periods:
- Inbox or folder data is stored In Microsoft 365 for two years before it’s archived
- Deleted items in the Recycle Bin are stored for one month before they’re permanently deleted
- Deleted SharePoint Online and OneDrive sites and items are stored in the 1st Stage Recycle Bin for one month, the 2nd Stage Recycle Bin for up to three months, and are then permanently deleted
- When an employee leaves the company, their data is stored in Microsoft 365 for one month before being permanently deleted

What Happens To Inactive Office 365 Accounts?

Archiving users is easy to do from within the platform, and you will not face any charges for these archived backups, provided that you follow the Microsoft off-boarding advice – remove the license and change mailbox to shared. If you just remove the mailbox from the tenant, then it will be archived, but it will still be in a licensed status so will be charged for.

Can Deleted Microsoft 365 Accounts Be Recovered?

Yes, if a user is deleted, intentionally or unintentionally, their account can be recovered to data of the last backup. Through these backups, you can restore an entire Exchange mailbox, SharePoint or OneDrive site, or a set of Teams/Groups.

Why Should We Backup Our Microsoft Data?

Almost half of organizations affected by ransomware in the past year didn’t have immutable backups in place for their compromised systems. This can greatly impact the time it takes to recover and resume normal business operations after an attack. Despite this, Microsoft doesn’t provide native backup for Microsoft 365; the default data retention settings only protect data for an average of 30 to 90 days. This means that, if your Microsoft 365 data is compromised, you’re unlikely to be able to restore all the data that has been lost.

As a backup solution, CloudAlly will capture point-in-time copies of your data and write those copies out to a secure, secondary storage location. This means that, in the event of malicious or accidental data loss, you can safely restore lost or encrypted data to a version that was saved before the breach.

How Is The CloudAlly Service Charged For?

Subscription to the CloudAlly service begins at $30 per user per year and will automatically back up your mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and drive. For enterprise organizations looking to secure over 1,000 users, or who have a particularly large quantity of data to backup, contact us for a custom quote.

How Does The Licensing Work?

All entities within the entire Microsoft tenant that are assigned a Microsoft 365 License granting functionality for either Exchange, Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive, regardless of their active use, are subject to CloudAlly licensing. The highest usage amount of the month will be reported and charged. This means any object in the Microsoft tenant without an assigned Microsoft license, but using a functionality of Exchange, Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive, will be free of charge.

Shared mailboxes, resource mailboxes, distribution lists and other entities will be free of charge when no Microsoft license is assigned; this also applies to stored backup data where no Microsoft license is applied, even if it is being actively backed up.

Are You Able To Trial The Solution?

Yes. If you want to experience how CloudAlly will practically help your organization, contact us to begin a 14-day free trial. In this time, you will be able to see the benefits of installing the solution.

What happens if I change my Office 365 Admin password?

If you change your Office 365 Admin password, you can also change it on our Backup Task Settings page.

Can CloudAlly backup on-premise Exchange or hybrid deployments?

Yes! CloudAlly can backup on-premise MS Exchange.

On-Prem Exchange Procedures

1. The on-premise servers need to be accessible via the internet and Exchange Web Services (EWS) API must be enabled.
2. We need to know the Exchange Version that your client is running and the Exchange Server endpoint.
3. You can then Activate a CloudAlly trial account and send the email ID used in the account. No need to activate any backups yet.
4. Send us the Admin ID that you will use to activate backups. No need to provide password. The Admin account needs to have Impersonation in order for this to work.
5. We will create a backup task.
6. You can then click on “edit” next to the newly created backup task in your CloudAlly account and enter the Admin credentials.
7.  At that point you can activate your individual user backups as needed.

Can CloudAlly backup MS Dynamics?

Support to backup MS Dynamics will be available in Q4 2023.

Is CloudAlly ISO 27001 certified?

CloudAlly are ISO 27001 certified ( This ensures there is a high level of security and audit procedures in place including pen testing, security procedure, audit controls, etc. We can supply a copy of the ISO certification on request.

Is CloudAlly GDPR compliant?

CloudAlly is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. The CloudAlly DPA specifically addresses CloudAlly GDPR & PII handling.

You can find more information about CloudAlly security at

Can you exclude emails from the backup?

Yes - the admin can exclude mailboxes from backup.

For employees that leave:

- You can manually delete the backup as part of the offboarding process
- You can set an auto archive retention limit in Settings, e.g. you could configure CloudAlly to delete auto archived mailboxes after 30 days (you can manage this exact time period).

CloudAlly supports the GDPR Right to Erasure.  If a person requests that we remove their data, the company will need to search and identify all related data and submit a request to our support team. CloudAlly will then delete that data from the backups and provide a confirmation of delete.

Can I Backup Office365 to my own file storage?

Yes - we also offer a “Bring Your Own Storage” (BYOS) option on request. This allows you to backup sensitive data in your own AWS S3 buckets, S3 compatible storage service, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Please contact for more information.

Where can I find CloudAlly brochures and datasheets?

You can find CloudAlly resources, datasheets and product brochures here:

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Protect your business data with enterprise-grade automated Microsoft Office 365 backup for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Groups, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.