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Financial services providers need strong email security in place to protect users and customers from email scams.
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What Is Email Security For Financial Services?

Finance is one of the most frequently targeted industries when it comes to cybercrime and email-based attacks. And it’s easy to see why.

The high-risk, high-value nature of the industry makes it an appealing target for attackers looking to inflict serious damage, while an increasingly digital-first world only means that more and more communications are taking place online.

And with email currently taking the number one spot as the most frequently used mode of communication in business today, your employees’ inboxes are a playground for attackers. After all, who needs to go through the effort of planning a bank heist when a single piece of ransomware can infiltrate a system effortlessly via one, simple email, and do just as much damage?

Email security includes a series of technologies that, when used together, defend your organization against inbound, outbound, and internal email threats. It’s all about covering all your bases and leaving no stone unturned, to ensure attacks are stopped and dealt with before they become more costly and damaging problems.

Why Do Financial Services Need Email Security?

Regardless of business size, organizations in the financial services industry are more at risk—frankly, because they’re just more valuable targets than organizations in other industries. So, advanced security isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a must-have if you want to stay protected against a breach.

Astonishingly, more than 90% of security breaches in the financial services industry are a direct result of email-based attacks—with phishing accounting for more than 80% of all attacks. So, email security needs to be a priority.

For an industry that deals with highly sensitive and financially valuable data, client trust is everything. A breach or attack would not only suggest that you don’t take your own security seriously but that of your clients, too. This can greatly damage your reputation and, ultimately, lead to loss of business opportunities.

As a high-risk, high-value industry, you need to adhere to strict regulatory compliance that’s put in place to keep your clients and their data safe—failing to do so could result in lawsuits and devastating fines. Email archiving, retention, and security come as standard in many regulatory frameworks.

How Can Financial Services Protect Emails?

A strong email security stack should cover all your bases—from protecting inbound, outbound, and internal emails to training users to spot suspicious content.

Inbound email filtering works by identifying and automatically quarantining malicious and suspicious emails before they enter your network, protecting you from spam, phishing attacks, ransomware, and more.

End-to-end encryption is vital for organizations dealing with high levels of sensitive data, and works by encrypting data both in transit and at rest.

Key Takeaways

- Financial services are one of the most at risk industries from email crime, particularly phishing and account compromise

- Cybercriminals know that compromising email accounts can give them an easy opportunity to steal financial data, or send fake invoices to customers and suppliers

- Financial services providers need strong email security in place to protect users and customers from email scams

- Constant Edge provides powerful and effective email security to protect financial services

How Constant Edge Protects Financial Services

Constant Edge protects financial service providers against advanced email attacks.
We provide powerful email security solutions to protect financial service providers against email security risks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

We prevent the delivery of ransomware with advanced URL and attachment scanning, and prevent malware delivery with email filtering both at the gateway and inside the email inbox with machine learning technologies.

We protect against phishing, account impersonation, and business email compromise with immediate remediation of threats, even once they have entered the network environment.

Constant Edge Finance Protection Features

Powerful Email Protection
Prevent the delivery of phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, malware, and spam emails.
URL and Attachment Scanning
Block malicious attachments and URLs, including fraudulent invoices, with attachment sandboxing and real-time URL scanning.
Immediate Remediation
Malicious emails are automatically removed, or sent to quarantine. Admins can instantly quarantine or delete suspicious emails, remediating across the entire organization with a single click.
Archiving and Compliance
Comply with industry regulations with a comprehensive email archive which stores sensitive emails related to financial transactions.
Policies and Reports
Granular policies around quarantining, allow and deny lists, and end-user controls. Advanced analytics into email threats.
Protect the contents of sensitive emails with encryption, preventing data from being accessed, stolen, or shared outside of the intended recipients.
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