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Proofpoint Security Awareness Training empowers your people to defend your organisation with a holistic solution resulting in 30% fewer clicks on real-world malicious links.

Reduce phishing by 90%

Phishing simulations

Targeted, engaging training

Detailed reporting and analytics

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Train users to spot phishing.
Proofpoint SAT Benefits.

Assess Users With Simulated Phishing

Thousands of different phishing templates across 13 categories enables admins to evaluate users on multiple real-world threat types.

Engaging Training Materials

Proofpoint’s fast-growing library contains more than 50 training modules, including hundreds of PDFs, infographics, videos, memes, and more.

Granular Reporting And Analytics

Detailed, real-time reports cover phishing simulations and training assignments; providing a performance score for your security programme.

Fast Deployment

Fast and straightforward deployment for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Proofpoint Threat Intelligence

Proofpoint have an unparalleled visibility into email threats thanks to their global threat intelligence platform that spans email, social, and mobile.

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Train And Empower Users To Stop Email Threats With Proofpoint SAT.

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