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Proofpoint Essentials Email Archiving Inculudes:
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Legal and regulatory compliance
End-user archiving access
Fast and extensive eDiscovery
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Secure Email Storage
Unlimited secure storage and configurable retention (up to 10 yrs) of all email messages in a centralized, secure email archive.
Automatic Retention
Leveraging Microsoft Exchange Journaling, Proofpoint automatically stores copies of all email messages including sender, recipient CC/BCC and attachments.
eDiscovery & Legal Hold
Fast search and retrieval of email messages, with configurable legal hold and retention policies for ensuring compliance.
End User Self-Service
End users can access their own read-only email archive from the web. Users can search through and read their full email history.
Storage Management
Essentials Email Archive supports Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 for automatic retention according to your policies.

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