Proofpoint Essentials

Email Security For SMBs

Protect your business against spam, phishing, and malicious URLs with Proofpoint’s enterprise-class email security technology and infrastructure, used by the world’s largest companies.

Who Are Proofpoint?

Proofpoint, Inc. is the world’s leading email security and compliance provider. They offer a fully integrated suite of cloud-based solutions that help organizations around the world stay secure against advanced email threats.

Proofpoint have an unparalleled visibility into email threats with their global threat intelligence platform that spans email, social, and mobile.

Proofpoint secure more than 50% of the Fortune 100, the top 5 banks globally, and 7 of the top 10 global retailers. Proofpoint Essentials offers the best protection for Microsoft Office 365 for SMBs. Constant Edge has partnered with Proofpoint to help organizations improve their email resilience.

Proofpoint Essentials for small business offers
the best email protection for SMBs.

Superior Email Protection

Advanced phishing detection, multilayered anti-virus protection, a robust filter rules engine, and email continuity with emergency inbox.

Granular Policy Enforcement

Ultimate control and flexibility in a simple to manage platform with a robust engine and per-user controls and quarantine access.

Simple to Manage
And Deploy

Cloud-based platform with no hardware or software to install, automatic updates, and simplified configuration and deployment.

Stop Ransomware

Advanced Malware Detection

Proofpoont’s advanced threat detection technology provides unrivaled protection from ransomware and other email-borne threats.

Dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments

Attachment defence and sandboxing

Multi-layered, sophisticated anti-virus engines

Stop Email Fraud

Stop Phishing And Email Compromise

Powered by Proofpoint MLX technology, Proofpoint examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email to prevent advanced phishing attempts and spam emails.

Reputation and content-based analysis

Warning banners placed on suspicious email messages

99.9% protection against spam emails

Prevent impostor email threats with dynamic classification

Prevent Data Loss

Data Loss Prevention And Content Filtering

Automatically identify and secure outgoing sensitive information, including PII, PHI financial information, GDPR information, and more.

Robust filter rules engine

Emergency inbox

Per-user controls and quarantine access

Email archive (Business package only)

Why Proofpoint Essentials?

Proofpoint Essentials secures your people and data with superior protection against email threats.

Why Proofpoint Essentials

Purpose Built For SMBs

Proofpoint Essentials provides unmatched technology without the management and deployment headaches. Administrators simply login to the online console and manage all users and account settings from a single, secure platform.

Why Proofpoint Essentials

Designed For Office 365

Proofpoint Essentials offers the best protection for Microsoft Office 365 with simplified deployment. Proofpoint makes use of the Microsoft Exchange journaling function, enabling you to securely store all internal and external emails for up to 10 years. Proofpoint Essentials emergency inbox gives Microsoft Office 365 users automatic access to email when Office 365 is down.

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Proofpoint Essentials protects organizations from phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.
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Key Features

Advanced Email Protection

Powered by their Supernova platform, PPT phishing detection provides advanced protection against sophisticated email threats, and email compromise attempts.

Multi-Layered Malware

Sophisticated virus engines, operating at the highest levels of accuracy, performance, and effectiveness stop malicious URLS and attachments

Data Loss Prevention And Content Filtering

Elimate email risk with a user-centered , policy-driven data loss prevention filter, and a powerful, customizable rules engine.

Simplified Deployment

Fully cloud-based solution, with no hardware or software to install. PPT filters mail at the internet level before it reaches the network, streamlining deployment.

Data Loss Prevention

User-transparent, centrally based, policy-driven data loss prevention filter. Users simply send their email, and the appropriate action is automatically taken.

Automated Email Encryption

Secure email communications and reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting emails that contain sensitive information.

Email Archiving

Securely store all internal and external email for up to 10 years. Easily perform quick and extensive searches to meet legal and regulatory requirements.


Granular policy controls, multi-level logins, domain management, email logs, azure active directoy sync, and per user-controls and quarantine access.

Email Continuity

Emergency inbox gives Microsoft Office 365 users automatic access to email when Office 365 is down. It keeps business email up and running at all times

Proofpoint Awards

Awards & Recognition

CISO Choice Awards Proofpoint

CISO Choice Awards

Proofpoint Wins Top Honours at 2022 CISO Choice Awards

Proofpoint Named 2022 SC Awards

SC Awards

Proofpoint Named 2022 SC Awards and SC Awards Europe Finalist in Eleven Categories

Email Security Services Protection Award

SE Labs

SE Labs - Email Security Services Protection Award

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Proofpoint Essentials Pricing

Proofpoint Essentials is backed by Proofpoint’s enterprise class security & infrastructure, the same technology that protects some of the largest and most security conscious companies in the world. Get a quote and book a demo with our technical account managers for guided tour of all the key features.


The following are frequently asked questions about Proofpoint Essentials.

What Is Proofpoint Essentials?

Proofpoint Essentials is a cloud-based email security solution bundle developed by market leading email security provider Proofpoint. It delivers powerful email security to prevent threats from reaching user inboxes, as well as email data loss prevention, encryption, social media account protection, 24/7 Emergency inbox, a cloud based email archive, security awareness training modules with simulation phihsing, and more.

Why Would I Want A 3rd Party Filtering Service If I Already Use Office 365 Or Google?

Across all industries, we are seeing an increasing number of accounts using third-party solutions to add security to their email accounts. In part, this is to extend the range of cover and expand the number of features than can be identified by filters. Microsoft 365 and Google both have inbuilt filtering and security features – with third-party tools, these capabilities can be enhanced, keeping SMBs and enterprise users safe.

Does Proofpoint Work With Office 365?

Proofpoint Essentials offers complete integration with Office 365, Google Workspace, and even on-premises servers. This allows you to easily monitor and protect your email assets however you operate. Once configured, you will be able to keep all the benefits of Office 365, with the knowledge that your accounts are protected by Proofpoint's enterprise-class security and infrastructure. You can protect against email threats such as phishing, malware, spam, and other unwanted content, while ensuring that important communications are properly encrypted and archived.

How Easy Is It To Migrate To Proofpoint Essentials With Constant Edge?

If you choose to migrate to Proofpoint Essentials with Constant Edge, you can rest assured that your company is in capable hands. Constant Edge has helped many companies complete successful migrations and we can confidently say your migration process will be seamless. Constant Edge's support team has decades of experience helping SMBs solve their email problems, and we understand the crucial importance of a smooth transition. To learn more about how we can support your Proofpoint Essentials migration, contact us today.

Can I Trial Proofpoint Essentials?

Yes! We can offer a 14 day free trial of any of the Proofpoint Essentials packages to allow you to see the value and security that our solution can bring to your organization. Get started with a free trial today.

Is Proofpoint GDPR Compliant?

Yes. When you come onboard with Constant Edge and Proofpoint, we can provide GDPR processing agreements that are countersigned by Proofpoint. This ensures that you are adhering to regulatory guidance, and have a clear understanding of how data is stored and shared.

What Are Proofpoint's Compliance Credentials?

The Proofpoint platform is ISO27001 certified, meaning that it adheres to internationally recognized best practices. With Proofpoint, you can be safe in the knowledge that all policies and actions are held to the highest standards, ensuring that your data is safe, and your customers reassured.

How Does HIPAA Business Associate Agreements Work?

For any HIPAA-covered entities, any third-party that handles Protected Health Information (PHI) must enter into HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA). This permits PHI to be shared with specific, relevant individuals who are integral to patient care, whilst preserving patient confidentiality. Contact Us to learn more about the Proofpoint BAA.

Where Does Proofpoint Store Data?

Proofpoint operate a data centers in the US and Europe, depending on your location. For US customers, Proofpoint have three data centers, one in Utah, Georgia, and California. EU client’s data can be stored in two locations, with data centers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Where Can I Find Proofpoint Essentials brochures and datasheets?

You can find Proofpoint Essentials resources, datasheets and product brochures here:

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