Malware poses a serious threat to all enterprises, and it's most commonly delivered via email.
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What Is Malware?

A shortened term for malicious software, malware is the commonly used collective word for viruses, worms, Trojans etc., and is a catch-all term to refer to any software designed with the intent to damage a device, server, or computer network. Malware can damage files, steal sensitive data, and even take your devices hostage.
Malware poses a serious threat to all enterprises. Organizations face huge complications and internal damages if they fall victim to malware, these can include serious data breaches, illegal deduction of funds from bank accounts, and unauthorized access to sensitive files and documents.

Malware is at the root of the majority of cyber-attacks, including large-scale data breaches that can lead to widespread fraud and identity theft. Malware can break an organization's network and cause significant disruptions to business operations, as well as potentially disable significant services offered by the company. A successful malware attack can have a negative impact on your bottom line, as well as your organization's reputation and consumer trust. 

How Constant Edge Stops Malware

How Constant Edge Helps To Stop Malware In Office 365
Constant Edge provides powerful protection against malware attacks.
Constant Edge delivers powerful protection at the email gateway layer to prevent email messages containing any malicious email content from reaching your users.

Our solutions’ multi-layered anti-virus, anti-spam and phishing detection engines provide market-leading protection against malware-based email threats. All inbound and outbound emails are scanned by sophisticated threat detection engines. These engines automatically block all viruses from reaching users, placing malicious emails in quarantine for admins to review. Our heuristics scanning engines discover unknown and zero-day email threats and protects you against these in real time.

Constant Edge Malware Protection Features

Powerful Inbound Filtering
Constant Edge filters emails containing malware, blocking both known and unknown email threats from entering your email environment.
Multi-Layered Detection
Our multi-layered detection engines scan sender reputation, email content, attachments, and URLs to provide strong malware detection.
Attachment Sandboxing
Layered protection against malicious attachments with real-time sandboxing leveraging over 60 antivirus engines.
Granular Admin Controls
Admins can configure granular policies to prevent malware delivery, including allow and deny lists, and end-user spam filtering levels, with advanced analytics.
Real-Time URL Scanning
Malicious URLs are automatically scanned in real-time, to prevent users from accessing webpages containing harmful content or malware.
Industry Leading Efficacy
Protect against malware and non-malware threats, taking advantage of industry-leading threat protection data.
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Justin Kaitapu
“Constant Edge does email filtering very effectively. Without needing any changes to the internal email network, it provides URL protection, spam filtering and statistics. Constant Edge is spot on in terms of filtration.”
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