Wantok: Supplying Powerful Email Security For SMEs In The Pacific Islands

"Constant Edge Helped Us Find The Best Email Security For SMEs, Which We Supply Across The Pacific Islands"
December 15, 2021

Wantok is a telecommunications and internet service provider based out of Port Villa, the capital city of Vanuatu on the Pacific Island of Efate. From this area of incredible natural beauty, Wantok provide hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from around the Pacific Islands with a one-stop-shop for IT services, supplying broadband internet, cloud services, web development, and cybersecurity solutions.

Simplifying Email Security to Accommodate Customers’ Needs

As part of their goal to be an all-in-one provider of IT solutions for SMEs, Wantok began to search for an email security platform they could distribute, says Chief Information Officer Justin Kaitapu. Email is crucial to many of their clients, and so Wantok needed a solution that would protect against spam, and integrate with their existing email environment seamlessly. Wantok also needed a solution that would allow them to manage all of their clients from one dashboard and allow them to deal with any support queries with ease.

Wantok first took the step of developing their own in-house solution. However, problems arose as the complex network environments of some of their customers made it difficult to deploy their own filtering solution. Justin also says that they were finding persistent problems with spam and malware making it into email inboxes, a problem facing organizations all over the world.

Justin selected Constant Edge as the best partner to meet these challenges and secure their customers. Justin was impressed by the simplicity of the Constant Edge stack, especially when it comes to deployment, and by our focus on meeting the needs of SMEs.  Justin to trialled ConstantEdge, and Wantok is now providing the ConstantEdge email security service across their customer base.

Justin says that one of Constant Edge best features is that it “accommodates the email set-up our customers have on the ground.” As mentioned, one of the challenges they were finding was deploying email security into complex network environments. With ConstantEdge's solutions, deployment takes just a few minutes, and minimal changes to your email environment, streamlining and simplifying the deployment process. “ConstantEdge is well suited to our small business clients in the Pacific,” Justin says.

Another of Constant Edge's top features is spam filtering, Justin says. “Constant Edge does email filtration very effectively,” he says. “Without needing any changes to the internal system it provides URL protection, spam filtering and statistics. ConstantEdge is spot on in terms of filtration.” Justin says that in the past, he was “regularly dealing with email security problems like spam,” but after moving to ConstantEdge's email security solution, they no longer have to worry about it.

As a distributor of Constant Edge to their SME customers, it was important for Justin to find a solution that allowed his team to manage their customers and troubleshoot issues. Justin says Constant Edge's Partner features are “very good,” allowing them to manage all of their customers from one dashboard. Justin praises Constant Edge's “strong user interface,” which makes it easy to manage customer accounts, implement policies and view reports and statistic. Commercially, ConstantEdge was a good fit for Wantok, Justin says, with their focus on the SME market and pricing.

Working with Constant Edge

Justin says the main benefit of working with Constant Edge was the support he receives from the technical engineer team. As an experienced technical user, Justin has not needed to utilize support often, but he says that whenever questions have arisen the Constant Edge team were quick to respond, answering questions and providing knowledge about product features and implementation. Justin says Constant Edge have been great to partner with, helping set up the Proofpoint admin dashboard so Wantok can manage their customers effectively.

Deploying Constant Edge was “a no-brainer,” Justin says.  Partnered with Constant Edge, he is confident that Wantok can continue to support their SME customers across the Pacific with strong, simplified email security.

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