Wayne County: Email Security For State And Local Government

“Would I recommend Constant Edge? Yes, absolutely. It's cost effective. The solutions have a straightforward implementation and management for state and local government.”
December 21, 2021

Wayne County is a sixth-class county in Pennsylvania, United States. The local government IT team supports over 600 people, who need strong protection in place against cybersecurity threats: particularly ransomware, malware and phishing attacks, which can cost local governments thousands of dollars to remediate against.

Dennis and Susan Ford are IT Directors for Wayne County, who work with Constant Edge to provide best-in-class email protection to their users. Their original challenge with email security was finding a modern email platform, that could protect users and provide the level of protection their users needed. They told ConstantEdge:

“Well, we had a system that was onsite, and it was getting old. We wanted to get the equipment refreshed, and we wanted to get on the newer type of engines that can scan our email and keep us protected.”

Wayne County needed an easy-to-use email security solution, with strong management features, that was easy to deploy. They also expanded their email security requirements to include email encryption, which they are now using across the Wayne County court system to ensure that law enforcement agencies are compliant with data protection laws during ongoing cases. After researching the email security market, Wayne County decided to partner with Constant Edge to secure their email networks.

“Constant Edge's solutions were recommended to me by other government IT directors. So that's basically where this got kicked off. Your name came up a few times, so we thought if other places are using it with success and they're happy, let’s look at these guys. That was a big thing." 

Working with Constant Edge, Dennis and Susan have solved their initial email security challenges, leveraging our powerful email security solutions, email security expertise and technical support. We secure their email networks, with powerful spam filtering, anti-virus and malware protection, ransomware defense and phishing protection. Dennis and Susan told Constant Edge:

“Constant Edge met all of our criteria. Email is now much easier for us, and as time goes on we look back to your organization to see what other things that you can help us with. We are very happy with the communication and the support that we've gotten from ConstantEdge. They're very responsive, which is very important to us.”

Dennis told us that he would highly recommend other public sector organizations consider partnering with Constant Edge to solve their email security challenges, especially those needing a trusted email security provider who need to secure high-priority email communications, such as those dealing with legal issues and law enforcement.

Would I recommend Constant Edge? Yes, absolutely. It's cost effective. The solutions have a straightforward implementation and management. It's one of the easiest implementations that we've had in any kind of technology. It handles very important communications, very high profile emails, which is very important. We advise others that have trouble to talk with you."

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