Denham-Blythe: Building Strong Email Security In The Construction Industry

“Constant Edge Helped Us Find The Right Email Security Solution To Face Challenges In The Construction Industry”
December 15, 2021

Denham-Blythe is a people-focused construction group committed to providing the best possible design and build construction service. Founded in Kentucky in 1976, Denham-Blythe has completed over 10,000 projects across 33 states. They help clients manage all aspects of the design and build process, improving project schedules, cost and quality.

Clunky legacy email security, and the move to the cloud

As a construction company, Denham-Blythe relies on email to communicate between internal departments, customers and partners around the United States. Emails being delivered to users securely is important to the smooth running of their business. Like many organizations, Denham-Blythe recently took the step of moving their email hosting to Office 365, to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

In taking this jump, they took the decision to leave behind their on-premise email security gateway. Denham Blythe’s IT Manager, Alex Tietz, says this legacy email security solution was “not user-friendly,” and was ineffective, allowing a lot of spam to be delivered to users. In the move to the cloud, they decided they needed a more effective email security solution, which would allow their users to easily manage quarantined emails, and make it easier for admins to set security policies.  

Alex says that one of Constant Edge's best features is it’s end user daily-digests and management. Each day, Constant Edge sends users a list of emails that have been blocked, making it easy for users to find any emails that weren’t delivered. “In the past, our users would complain about emails going missing when they were blocked,” he says. “With ConstantEdge, users can easily access their emails without needing to go to IT.” Alex describes ConstantEdge as very user friendly, making it easy for users to allow, or block emails needed, requiring very little training.

Another of Constant Edges' top features is the URL rewriting, Alex says. “Recently, we had a case where a user was complaining of emails from one of our partners being blocked,” he says. “We took a look into it, and as it turned out, the account had beencompromised and was trying to send malware. Constant Edge was able to pick that up and block the harmful emails from being delivered.”

Expert Engineers and High Quality Support

Alex describes the main benefits of working with Constant Edge as being the expertise of the engineers and the high quality technical support he has received. “Working with the Constant Edge team has been great,” he says. “The team are technical experts, and were able to tell me a lot about all of the different email security solutions on the market. They were very knowledgeable about global support and different product features.” Alex also says that the sales team were not “pushy, but instead provided us the information we needed to make our own decisions.”

Alex says the technical support Constant Edge has provided has been responsive and highly knowledgeable, out-performing local resellers. The support team “has been able to answer all our questions and has been very responsive,” Alex says. “They have helped us to implement policies including blocking emails coming from certain countries, and have been able to fix any issues within minutes. With over 200 users being protected, support is very important, and the support we have received has been excellent.”

Backed by Constant Edge, Alex is confident that Denham-Blythe can continue to meet email challenges in the cloud and support their users.

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