Spam emails can be a serious security threat and a general nuisance. Secure your email network against spam today.
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What Is Spam?

Spam is a term that refers to any unwanted, unsolicited digital communication that is sent out in bulk to reach the inboxes of a large number of people. Spam often takes the form of marketing messages, but there are other more malicious types of spam which aim to spread malware, trick recipients into divulging personal information, or attempt to use manipulation and scare tactics to get victims to hand over money.
Spam is difficult to avoid; in fact, 45.1% of email traffic in March 2021 were spam messages. But how do spammers find us? Sometimes they purchase contact information or obtain credentials via software programs known as “harvesters” which, as the name suggests, harvest logins from websites, newsgroups, or other services where users identify themselves through email addresses.

Spam emails have always been, and continue to be, a serious security threat, a general nuisance, and a productivity drain for email users. Spam wastes time, patience, and resources with unsolicited communications and advertisements. Time spent dealing with spam has a quantifiable monetary cost as the time spent reading, processing, and deleting these emails adds up.

How Constant Edge Stops Spam

Constant Edge Spam Reports
Constant Edge enables effective, automatic protection against spam emails.
Constant Edge provides highly effective email filtering: the process of filtering inbound and outbound emails to prevent spam being delivered. Our inbound email filter scans email messages and classifies them into different categories, such as spam, bulk, virus, impostor, and more. Emails that fall into these categories are automatically stopped before reaching user inboxes.

Our outbound email filtering uses this same process to prevent your mailboxes from sending out spam to your contacts and customers, which can be hugely damaging to your brand reputation if not stopped quickly and effectively.

Constant Edge Spam Protection Features

Effective Email Filtering
Powerful inbound and outbound scanning prevents spam emails from being delivered to your users, or sent from your email network.
Granular Spam Configuration
Granular spam settings can be configured in the admin console, with rules for groups, individual users, or across the organization.
Quarantine Digest
End users get a daily, weekly or monthly spam digest which displays all quarantined email, minimizing IT support tickets.
End-User Self Service
End users can access their own email quarantine to view filtered email messages, helping reduce the burden on IT teams.
Easy Deployment and Onboarding
Improve deployment efficiency with Azure AD integrations and seamless deployment of spam filtering into your email environment, whether cloud or on-prem.
Comprehensive Reports
View comprehensive reports into who is sending, receiving, responding to, or forwarding spam email messages within your organization.
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Justin Kaitapu
“Constant Edge does email filtering very effectively. Without needing any changes to the internal email network, it provides URL protection, spam filtering and statistics. Constant Edge is spot on in terms of filtration.”
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