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Construction companies need effective email security in place to protect users and customers.
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Why Construction Needs Powerful Email Security

Construction companies rely on email to communicate not only with their partners and internal departments, but also their customers. This means that it’s absolutely critical that email comms operate as efficiently and as securely as possible.

But construction companies face a number of email security risks. Highly targeted attacks, fake invoice payments, and cyber-hacktivist groups all target the construction industry - a problem made more difficult by the fact that many construction companies have a high workforce turnover and a high use of personal mobile devices.

In today’s cloud-first world, phishing has become one of the most prevalent threats that modern organizations are facing, and 74% of phishing attacks are successful. This comes as little surprise when you consider that one in three employees in the construction industry is likely to click on a suspicious link in an email or comply with a malicious or fraudulent request.

Successful email compromise attacks can cause financial and reputational damage, as well as data loss and compliance issues. One of the best ways to mitigate these risks is to ensure that malicious emails don’t reach your employees’ inboxes in the first place.

A powerful email security solution will protect your organization against inbound email threats such as phishing, as well as detect and remediate any anomalous internal email behaviors that could indicate an account has been compromised. These powerful layers of protection, combined with regular testing to train your employees to identify phishing attacks, work to ensure that your company can deliver its services to your clients efficiently and securely.

How Construction Companies Can Protect Their Emails

Construction companies need to implement powerful email security to protect their data and their customers against today’s sophisticated email threats.

Most traditional secure email gateway (SEG) solutions stop spam, but fail to prevent sophisticated social engineering and targeted account compromise attacks – some of the biggest security challenges facing the construction industry today.

Modern solutions offer powerful email filtering and scanning technologies that monitor all inbound emails for signs of malicious activity, and block any suspicious activity before it ever reaches its intended recipient.

To combat data loss through business account takeover and supply chain attacks, construction companies need to implement a solution that offers internal email scanning. This technology analyzes all emails for anomalous behavior, ensuring that any compromised accounts are identified, and the threat is removed.

Manually reporting on security efforts can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly for organizations that don’t have an internal security team to dedicate to the task. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

A strong email security solution will generate threat and usage reports that your organization can use not only to monitor its threat landscape, but also to prove compliance.

Key Takeaways

- Construction companies rely on email for communication and managing large projects

- But they face email risks, such as invoicing scams, hacking, and highly targeted phishing attacks

- Construction companies need strong email security in place to deal with these challenges and protect their users

- Constant Edge provides email protection for the construction industry, with inbound email scanning and phishing protection inside the email inbox supported by our knowledgeable technical team

How Constant Edge Protects Construction

Constant Edge helps construction companies to build out an effective email security stack.
Constant Edge provides effective email security that works in the cloud to protect all of your users' inboxes automatically, with no complex onboarding or enrolment processes.

We provide effective email filtering to prevent inbound email threats such as phishing, business email compromise, malware, and ransomware.

Our team has decades of expertise supporting organizations across the globe with email security, and we help organizations of all sizes navigate the challenges of deploying and maintaining an effective email solution.

Constant Edge Construction Protection Features

Powerful Inbound Filtering
Powerful inbound scanning prevents spam, malware, and malicious phishing emails entering your email network, including ransomware.
Internal Email Scanning
Advanced machine learning scans inbound, outbound, and internal email messages for signs of account compromise and phishing attack.
Simplified Deployment
Easy onboarding with APIs for Microsoft Office 365, and Google Workspace, with no MX-record changes required for internal email scanning.
End-User Reporting
End users can report suspicious messages from their inbox. Admins get instant visibility into reports, and can instantly quarantine emails, even after delivery.
Technical Expertise
Constant Edge has decades of experience securing organizations in the construction industry against sophisticated email threats.
Comprehensive Policies and Reports
Gain visibility into the email threats that are targeting your network environment with comprehensive reporting over email trends.
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