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Government agencies need strong email security in place to protect themselves against ransomware attacks.
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Email Security For Government Services

Government departments, particularly local government departments, are under unprecedented strain caused by cyberattacks. From state-sponsored ransomware to targeted spear-phishing attacks, cybercriminals are putting government services at high risk of data breach or financial loss.

Email security can help protect local government services against many of the top threats they are facing today, such as malware and social engineering. It protects government employees against phishing attacks while enabling governments to demonstrate compliance with data regulations of all levels, and integrated encryption ensures that all data sent via email is audited and secured.

Why Do Government Services Need Email Security?

Government services deal with lots of sensitive data, from legal contracts to personally identifiable information (PII). If compromised, this data can be used to exploit a government service for millions of dollars, cause permanent data loss and operational downtime.

On top of this, government services are increasingly being put under pressure by compliance bodies to ensure the integrity of their data. With new requirements being introduced regularly and existing requirements continuously changing, it can be difficult to prove compliance. Failing to comply, however, can result in severe fines from industry and state compliance bodies, as well as damage to citizen welfare and trust in government institutions.

Email is one of the top attacks vectors that cybercriminals are using to target government services. It’s critical that local and state governments implement strong email protection to secure their data—and their citizens’ data—against malicious attacks.

How Can Governments Protect Their Emails?

Email security can be a huge challenge for government services, particularly local government departments that may not have the resource to dedicate full-time to cybersecurity. Legacy email security solutions are easier to manage, but often don’t provide adequate protection against targeted attacks like ransomware and spear-phishing. Enterprise solutions, on the other hand, can be expensive and difficult to maintain.

Constant Edge provides government services with powerful email protection to help them ensure the security of their most sensitive data, whilst enabling them to prove compliance with industry and state compliance bodies. Out team has been supporting government service providers since 2019, working closely with them to ensure their most critical infrastructure remains secure and operational.

Our email security solutions scan all inbound and outbound emails for suspicious content, providing automatic quarantining and real-time threat reporting to prevent malicious content from reaching its intended recipient. Our internal mailbox scanning detects and remediates threats within the mailbox, helping to prevent account takeover attacks from spreading throughout the organization.

As well as technological protection, our team offers technical expertise, which we use to secure organizations in the public sector against sophisticated email threats, and to help manage that ongoing security.

Key Takeaways

- Local governments and public bodies are at high risk of cyber-attack through email channels

- Ransomware is a major challenge for government agencies; public services can be delayed or halted entirely while ransomware attacks occur

- Government agencies need strong email security in place to protect themselves against ransomware attacks, and other email threats

- Email security is also critical to securing sensitive data sent across email, for legal compliance and more

How Constant Edge Protects Government Services

Hackers infected 23 organisations connected to local government in the US state of Texas with ransomware.
Constant Edge provides effective email security that protects government services against sophisticated email threats, whilst helping them to stay fully compliant with industry and state regulations.
We provide market-leading, cloud-based email filtering that prevents inbound threats such as ransomware and spear-phishing from reaching your users’ inboxes.

Our team has decades of technical expertise that we use to help you navigate the challenges of deploying and managing effective email security.

Constant Edge Government Protection Features

Powerful Email Security
Email filtering prevents malicious emails entering your network and scans inbound, outbound, and internal messages for signs of account compromise.
Technical Expertise
Constant Edge has decades of experience securing government services against sophisticated email threats such as phishing, ransomware, and email compromise.
Simplified Deployment
Easily onboard with APIs for Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace, then set up internal email scanning with no changes to MX-records.
Policies And Reports
Set granular policies around quarantining and gain visibility into the threats targeting your environment with comprehensive reporting over email trends.
Email Encryption
Ensure that only intended recipients view and respond to sensitive email content with email encryption that supports compliance with data protection regulations.
Archiving And Compliance
Ensure legal and industry compliance by storing immutable copies of all internal, inbound, and outbound emails with automatic retention and eDiscovery.
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