Proofpoint Essentials: Launch Of New Packages

Craig MacAlpine
February 15, 2023

Proofpoint Essentials’ has launched three new packages available for new and existing clients. These new packages contain important new features designed to prevent advanced email threats, such as advanced spear-phishing, business email compromise, and malicious URLs.

In this article, we’ll explore these new features in detail, and cover Proofpoint's new package options.

1. Email Warning Tags

Proofpoint Essentials now displays warning tags on email messages, on both mobile and desktop email clients. These banners inform the user that email content may be suspicious and alert them to proceed with caution. Banners are color coded, based on level of risk.

At launch, Proofpoint Essentials will place banners on external emails, emails coming from chosen countries, emails which fail DMARC policies, and emails sent from new domains, which may be an indicator of a phishing message.

In Q3 2023, Proofpoint plans to expand the feature to include emails that contain ‘suspicious’ content, with more to come later down the line.  

2. Advanced Business Email Compromise Defence

Proofpoint Essentials now offers 3X improved detection of BEC attempts, leveraging Proofpoint’s Supernova Behavioral Analysis engine, which provides high-efficacy, low false-positive detection of malware threats using language, relationship, cadence, and context to detect anomalous patterns in email messages.

Proofpoint uses advanced AI and ML engines to analyze sender reputation, email content, location data and language used in email messages to spot the typical signs of a BEC attack and prevent it from reaching user inboxes. It also looks at the domain age – a telltale indication of phishing attempts.

The implementation of Supernova into Essentials also helps to improve the detection of phishing, malware, and spam.

3. Predictive URL Defense

Proofpoint now offers predictive URL Defense, which proactively sandboxes URLs based on sender behavior and URL reputation, to prevent malicious web links being sent internally and externally.

Proofpoint scans all URLs detected in your email traffic, and uses predictive sandboxing technology to analyze them, looking at multiple factors including similarity to other URLs, and abused filesharing domains, before they are clicked, rather than after.

This helps to prevent the spread of malicious links, commonly used to spread viruses and ransomware, or to direct users to fake phishing landing pages.

4. One-Click Message Pull

Proofpoint Essentials now enables admins to pull suspicious emails directly out of users’ email inboxes directly from the admin console, using information from the Essentials Email logs.

This allows admins to remove suspicious, malicious, or inappropriate content from inboxes much more quickly and efficiently, preventing the spread of harmful material, or HR violations.

This feature is only supported with Microsoft 365.

Proofpoint Essentials Packages Changes

Proofpoint is now available in Six packages, rather than the previous three. The new packages are:

Business+:  Includes Predictive URL Defense and One-Click Message Pull

Advanced+: Includes Predictive URL Defense, One-Click Message Pull, Email Warning Tags and Advanced BEC Detection

Professional+: Includes Predictive URL Defense, One-Click Message Pull, Email Warning Tags and Advanced BEC Detection With Email Archiving

For Existing Proofpoint Clients…

Q. If You Currently Use Proofpoint Professional, Should You Move To Professional+?

A. Yes, you should. For a maximum of $1/per user/per month you get four great new features: Predictive URL Defense, One-Click Message Pull, Email Warning Tags and Advanced BEC Detection.

Q. If You Currently Use Proofpoint Advanced, Should You Move To Advanced+?

A. Yes! For a maximum of $1/per user/per month you get these four new features: Predictive URL Defense, One-Click Message Pull, Email Warning Tags and Advanced BEC Detection.

Q. If You Currently Use Proofpoint Business, Should You Move To Business+?

A. This depends. Business+ only offers two new features: One-Click Message Pull and Predictive URL Defense for the additional cost.

If you need the security benefits of improved URL protection and email remediation for Microsoft 365, there is value in the upgrade.

However, if improving security is your main goal, we would recommend the Advanced+ option, as the security returns are far higher, at only a slightly increased cost.

Ready To Learn More?

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