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Secure sensitive email communications with easy to use, easy to manage email encryption.
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Securely Encrypt Business Email

Constant Edge helps organizations to protect email data and stay legally compliant with highly secure, automated, and easy-to-use email encryption.

More than two-thirds of an organization’s critical data is secured by email, but when a normal email is sent, it’s data is completely unprotected while in transit.

Constant Edge email encryption secures all sensitive email data with a rules-based encryption policy engine and automatic encryption when sensitive email data is detected.

Constant Edge Email Encryption Features

Automated Email Encryption
Automatically secure outgoing email communication, including PII, PHI, financial information, GDPR, with built in term-dictionaries and identifiers.
Stay Complaint
Ensure legal compliance by preventing data loss, and ensuring that customer data is kept encrypted when sent via email.
User Encryption
End users can encrypt emails quickly and easily by adding a simple identifier in the subject line of an email. Encrypted emails time out after 15 days.
Admin Controls
Admins can easily create rules and filters which automatically encrypt outbound emails containing sensitive or confidential data.
Ease Of Use
Senders manage encrypted email from their usual mailbox, while recipients can easily access encrypted mail from a secure web portal.
Managed Deployment
Constant Edge will help your organization to configure policies and roll out email encryption for all of your users.
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Susan Ford
Wayne County, PA
“Constant Edge Email Encryption has proved to be popular across all of our departments. It's very popular in the court system. When our law enforcment officers can use this extra security they are more than happy to use it.”
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Constant Edge Makes Email Security Easy

We take the confusion out of email security.  Speak to us find out how we help businesses protect themselves against email threats.
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