SPP: Helping MSPs Protect Their Clients With Best-In-Class Security

“Constant Edge helped us find the right cybersecurity solutions for our MSP clients"
December 15, 2021

Service Provider Partners, more commonly known as SPP, is a cybersecurity service provider that helps MSPs and MSSPs to offer fully managed, enterprise-grade services and expertise to their clients. Based in Texas, SPP delivers the best-in-class products to secure each client. They architect, close and support the solutions they provide, ensuring the highest level of security for clients, while also increasing revenue and realizing client penetration for the MSP.

Providing MSPs With Powerful Solutions… And The Expertise To Implement Them

As a security service provider, SPP is responsible for ensuring that their MSP customers are able to engage with their clients and offer the high-quality cybersecurity solutions and expertise that their clients need. They’re also responsible for ensuring that each of the MSP’s clients receives comprehensive protection against the threats they’re facing, and dedicated support to help them implement and manage their chosen solution. This means providing the MSP with high-quality services and expertise, and providing the client with the solution architecture and support.

One of the biggest challenges for MSPs is in knowing which services to provide to their clients and, subsequently, knowing how to configure those services to provide the right level of security, says SPP Co-Founder Jason Whitehurst. The final challenge is in being able to position and sell the services.

“There’s a core group of fundamental security components that MSPs need to offer to appropriately protect a client,” Jason says. “We package those products together and help the MSP understand how to position and sell them.”

SPP begins with a risk assessment to identify which threats the MSP’s clients are facing. From this assessment, they provide a detailed set of remediation recommendations that will help reduce any found risks and vulnerabilities. Finally, they recommend specific products that are designed and appropriately priced for the client to actually address the risks.

It was after one of these risk assessments that Jason realized he needed to find a better mail security service for SPP’s MSPs and their clients. “I needed a full ‘white glove’ service that I could partner with to deliver those products professionally, securely and in a timely manner, as well as offer support for these complex mail security tools,” he explains. “And that’s where Constant Edge came in.”

“I was trying to find a vendor for spear-phishing prevention and came across IRONSCALES, with a quote from Constant Edge,” Jason says. “ConstantEdge provided expertise where we needed it, and I immediately started converting my clients because it was exactly the solution they needed.”

Having found the perfect solution for their clients by partnering with Constant Edge, SPP now help their MSP customers to position and distribute IRONSCALES to each of their clients.

The “White Glove” Approach To Cybersecurity

As an expert in cybersecurity service provision, Jason says that partnerships are “critical” in the security space. He particularly values SPP’s partnership with Constant Edge because of the way in which Constant Edge is able to represent SPP when it comes to solving customers’ security challenges.

“When we bring one of our MSP clients into the realm of some products offered by Constant Edge, I let the sales team know what I need and I watch the workflow kick off,” Jason says. He goes on to explain that onboarding is a big challenge for many security vendors, and that the process can often stretch out without ever being fully closed.

“I don’t see that with Constant Edge. It’s scheduled right away, and the team knows the product well, so the onboarding goes well.”

Throughout his 16 years in the security service provider space, Jason has worked with a number of mail security vendors with the goal of being able to offer a “white glove” service that provides guidance on what product to use and how to use it, as well as onboarding and longer-term support so that the solutions can work as effectively as possible. This also ensures that customers can utilize the full potential of the solution, rather than only using half of the capabilities that they’re paying for.

“I think that service is applicable across the board, from enterprise to the MSP and MSSP space,” Jason says. “And that’s where Constant Edge really excels.”

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